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Latest BPN News Update

                                                                                                                 Updated 21st Oct 2019

Dear BPN Member

Following the successful launch of The BPN in Bristol on the 13th of August 2019, we have now reviewed all your suggestions and feedback received and pulled it into a short report here.

We are also excited to invite you to the next BPN event on the 2nd December 2019.

Find out more below:



Based on the consultative launch event, which involved over 100 ethnic minority professionals, ranging from Politicians, Engineers, Creatives to Tradesmen, the Black Professionals Network will now seek to:


 1. Enable

Provide our members with access to professional development courses and progression opportunities needed to transform their careers. These will range from: knowledge seminars, CPD training and recruitment opportunities.


2. Connect

Support our members to build their social capital through online and offline platforms. These include quarterly networking events, sector insight activities and leadership Q&A events.

3. Influence

Facilitate opportunities for our members to influence labour market policies affecting ethnic minority people. These include media features, government and local authority lobbying and accountability events.




BPN invites you to an INFLUENCE event to mark the end of year. Book here. The event will provide a direct Q&A opportunity for guests to interact with Mayor Marvin Rees about his policies, strategies and programmes to drive inclusion at the workplace i.e. what he has done so far and future plans. It will be a chance to:

1.     Influence future inclusion policies in the city

2.     Connect with other professionals in a relaxed environment

3.     Learn about the exciting BPN programme of activities for next year.



In the meantime, we invite you to connect with BPN on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.



This new brand identity brings the idea of using heads to form a logo. The two heads communicate the idea of people coming together and forming as one. It also incorporates a network symbol which follows the curve of the head, using African, Caribbean and Indian colours and perched on top to feel the connectivity in a Wi-Fi style. 

We hope you like it as we do and it resonate the intent of BPN with you. Check it out here.

We are also keen to hear your views on the new website, which is based on your ideas and feedback.

For enquiries, contact Poku and Frank on theblackprofessionals@gmail.com.

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